New Four-way Stop Signs

By Larry Simmons

As mentioned several months ago, the HOA approved the installation of two four-way stops in Tollgate Village: One at Tollgate Boulevard and Americus, and another at Americus and Ashmore. The good news is the signs were installed on November 9, 2017; however, the installation contractor did not inform the HOA that they were installing them. Unfortunately, this prevented us from getting the word out to the neighborhood before the change. We sent a Nextdoor blast as soon as we learned they were installed, and also asked Ghertner to send an email blast to all Tollgate residents.

The installation of these new stop signs should slow down traffic approaching the top of the hill in Tollgate and make it easier for traffic on Americus to turn onto Tollgate Boulevard. Also, as construction begins on Section 17, traffic is expected to pick up on Ashmore and Americus, thus the need for the four-way stop at that intersection.

Needless to say, with new signage comes a learning curve. We ask that everyone use extreme caution when entering these intersections. It will take several months for everyone to get used to these new stops, and regardless of the signage or time it has been posted, always use caution when entering a four-way stop.