UPDATE: New Reflectors for Curbs on Tollgate Boulevard

By Larry Simmons

You may have seen a couple of yellow reflectors on the right-hand curb as you drive up the hill into Tollgate Village on tollgate Boulevard.  The HOA and TAC have been testing various means to mark all the curbs that jut out along Tollgate Boulevard to prevent vehicle damage.  We have selected a Department of Transportation approved, heavy duty 3M yellow reflector like the two ‘test’ units on the curbs.  We expect delivery of these units in the next couple of weeks and may reach out for volunteers to help attach them to the curbs.  Unfortunately, there are certain outside temperatures required to get them installed.  Hopefully we will have a few warmer days so they can get installed. 

UPDATE: We have received the reflectors but, they require certain temperature requirements to adhere to the concrete. Unfortunately, we missed the window of opportunity for this year, since there most likely won’t be many more 70 degree days.  A few were placed to test.  The rest will be held until spring and will be installed as soon as the temperature warrants.