Proposed design for front of Tollgate by Regent Homes

On the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, Regent Homes presented their design and concept for a portion of the front of Tollgate Village to its residents. This presentation was held at the Thompson's Station Community Center. 

David McGowan, President of Regent Homes, wanted residents to see what they have designed.  After the presentation, he took questions from residents.  Design documents and elevations were presented for all to see. There was an opportunity to ask questions. Once the meeting concluded, the Tollgate Action Committee (TAC) asked residents if they were in favor of the proposed design or not.  All questionnaires were returned "in favor" of the design. 

If you could not attend the meeting, we uploaded a recording of the event below:

During the presentation, David McGowan showed example products they have built in Berry Farms and Westhaven.  You can see these on the projector within the video above, but if you would like a closer view, below are links to both videos. 

Some of the comments posted by residents:

  • "I believe the live-work development could bring some new companies to Thompson's Station. It could benefit family and business"
  • "Rear parking and brick exterior is important to us. We appreciate the open communication + being included."
  • "We want to see more live/work space to keep small business a priority"
  • "My concern is traffic. We have more traffic on Hwy 31 than Westhaven has on Hwy 96. Hopefully we can move forward with this development."
  • "Regent Homes has an excellent track record with this proposed product. I think they would provide a much needed addition to our community"

If you have any questions regarding the meeting, please go to the "Contact Us" section.  We will do our best to provide answers as best we can.

Below are links to the PowerPoint presentations David McGowan used during the meeting:

Tollgate Village Powerpoint1

Tollgate Village Powerpoint2

Tollgate Village Powerpoint3