Tollgate Village Streets Can Now Be Patrolled as Public Streets by WCSO

By Larry Simmons and George Petzelt

On March 13, 2018, the Thompson’s Station Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to accept the finished streets in Tollgate Village. This includes all streets that have a topcoat of asphalt. As a result, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office can patrol our streets as public streets, not private streets. They will have full authority to issue citations for speeding, running stop signs and other violations that they have not been able to enforce until now.

We expect enforcement to begin within 1-2 weeks. This decision is critical to improving the safety and security of all Tollgate residents. Please be aware of local, state and federal laws as they relate to speed limits, stop signs, using your mobile phone while driving, reckless driving, etc. Laws are in place for all motorized vehicles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, golf carts, etc.

Alderman Brandon Bell, Alderman Brian Stover and Mayor Corey Napier voted to accept the streets.

Alderman Graham Shephard and Alderman Ben Dilks voted not to accept the streets.