Update for Tollgate Village Residents regarding: Cates v. Crystal Clear Technologies, LLC

Please see below update on the Crystal Clear exclusive contract:


The TAC wanted to provide the residents of Tollgate Village with an update on the status of the Cates v. Crystal Clear Technologies (CCT), LLC lawsuit.  This is the lawsuit that was filed by a collection of residents in the (3) subdivisions that are serviced by CCT. 
You may recall that back in December of 2017 the TAC announced that a settlement was in works.  CCT reached out to the Tollgate Village HOA and the Bridgemore HOA about cancelling the current agreement that requires residents to use CCT services or pay a monthly fee for not using their service.  TAC had several questions and CCT responded favorably to all questions.  At that point, we felt the agreement would be executed in a month or two.
Late in the settlement negotiations CCT presented the HOA of both Bridgemore and Tollgate with a document that they required the HOA’s to accept prior to cancelling the contract and settling the lawsuit.  This document, called at multi-dwelling unit right of entry (MDU ROE), came as a surprise to the TAC and appeared to have some exclusive language that is contrary to what CCT had expressed in a previous meeting.
Since the individual home owner’s associations were named in the lawsuit, the insurance company for Tollgate and Bridgemore hired an attorney to represent the two neighborhoods.  Representatives from Tollgate and Bridgemore met with this attorney on July 17th to discuss the settlement and ask questions about the MDU ROE.  The attorney is currently working to research and answer several questions.  A response is anticipated soon. 
The attorney representing the two HOAs will provide a recommendation to the HOA boards as to accept or reject the settlement agreement terms.  We are all anxious to get this resolved, but we must be patient and ensure that it is done correctly and in the best interest of the residents- both future and present.  
The TAC will continue to monitor the settlement progress and provide updates as they are available.   In the interim feel free to join the TAC for their monthly meeting at the Tollgate Clubhouse.  We meet the second Saturday of the month at 8:30am.
-Tollgate Action Committee