TAC Newsletter March 2019

March 2019 Newsletter

New Swings!

Check out the new swings at the lake.  These new swings are made of composite material to provide lasting enjoyment.  While they are commercial grade, we ask that you treat them like they were yours – since they are owned by the residents of Tollgate Village.  Feedback from the March TAC meeting asked if we could order heavy rubber mats, like those under the swings at the playground to cover the mud.  Those are on order and will be installed soon.

As soon as warmer weather arrives, the arbors holding the swings will be pressure washed and stained to match the swings.

What a great place to sit and look at the beautiful new fountains on the lake.

TV's in the Clubhouse

In case you haven’t noticed, we have updated the two televisions in the clubhouse with larger screens and HDTV pictures.  Also, the controller for each of the four televisions in the exercise room, have been relocated.  Now, instead of trying to work out holding the control over your shoulder trying to communicate with a controller on the other end of the clubhouse, you can simply push the channel button and the channel will change.  Also, the controls will be reprogrammed to only change channels.  Sound will be disabled on the four televisions in front of the exercise equipment.  Headsets will be required to listen to the channel.  TV’s will be turned on and off on the switch on front of the television.  Updated signage will be placed on the televisions with the new instructions.

New Neighborhood Sign

In past TAC meetings we discussed acquiring a message sign to keep all residents aware of Tollgate activities. Placement was another challenge.  The obvious place would be exiting the subdivision.  Tollgate is unique because the apartments and soon to be constructed townhomes down front are not part of the Tollgate Village HOA.  We discussed placing it near the clubhouse.  With the development in section 15, 17 and soon 16 of Tollgate, these residents may rarely travel by the clubhouse.  The most obvious location was in the median at the four way stop at Americus and Tollgate Boulevard.  Everyone can see the sign and, when the lighting is connected, it should be easier to read.

Ongoing, along with the TAC website, we will post upcoming neighborhood activities, on this sign proving all Tollgate residents with up to the date information.


The HOA and TAC apologize for the current condition of the playground.  Over the past few years, we have spent substantial monies trying to address the water issue at the playground.  To date nothing has worked, In fact, it may have become a bigger problem.  We have been working with engineers, contractors and are currently seeking bids to make significant changes to the water flow at the playground.  When completed, it should finally address the water issue.  Once the redirection of water is completed, we will replace the border boards and put new mulch on the playground.  We also have instructed Ghertner, our management company to replace the broken ‘roofs’ on the climbing structures. Thanks to all residents for your patience as we have tried to get the drainage issue resolved.

Tollgate Home Rental

Middle Tennessee is quickly becoming a destination for traveler from around the world. Many visitors use Air B&B to locate short term rental properties.  In some Nashville neighborhoods, individuals and companies are purchasing home with the sole purpose of short term rentals.  Fearing that could occur in Tollgate Village, the TAC and HOA had discussed this concern with the Developer.  We asked if the developer would create a new covenant to prohibit rentals of less than 12 months.  To determine if this was of interest to Tollgate residents, an email poll was sent to residents who registered to receive emails on the TAC website. Seventy-six percent of residents who responded were in favor of this change.  You may recall that while the HOA has three Tollgate Residents, the ultimate decision on issues in Tollgate are with the developer, until construction is completed and the HOA is officially turned over to the residents.

While the developer has full right to change Tollgate covenants, without any feedback from Tollgate residents, he asked that a poll be taken to determine if Tollgate residents were in favor of making this change.  Based upon the results of the email vote, it is clear that this is of interest to our residents.

It is expected that the HOA will authorize a formal ‘ballot’ be sent via US Mail to each Tollgate resident as an official vote on this matter.  Based upon the results, the Developer will then take the appropriate action.  We are pleased that the developer wanted resident feedback and are comfortable that he will take appropriate action based upon the will of the people.

Bingo Night!

Residents are asked to join in the Bingo Night on Friday, March 22 from 7 to 9 PM at the clubhouse.  All adults welcome to meet new neighbors and have a fun time.  More details will be posted on the TAC web page.

Neighborhood Yard Sale- April 27th

Bobbie Griffin has agreed to coordinate our next Tollgate Village neighborhood yard sale.  We are looking to allow residents, on a first come first serve basis, to reserve spaces at the pool parking lot.  Residents with back garages may opt to set up in the parking lot so all their goods are easily visible to all.  More details will be coming.

Commercial Development at the Front of Tollgate

Several residents expressed concern that the developer had pulled equipment form the commercial development at the front of Tollgate.  In preparing to place the sanitary sewer, they found a sewer line what was not properly identified on the plats.  This required having to order special fittings to tie the sewers together.  The parts were special ordered and are expected to arrive the middle of this week.  As soon as they are on site, you will see construction restarted.

Remember the TAC Website!

Please remember that the TAC website is designed to answer questions that residents may have regarding our neighborhood.  Links are provided to the Ghertner website for access to covenants and bylaws should those questions come up.  It is easy to access the site at www.tgvtn.com .

Closing Comments

Thompson’s Station is quickly becoming the place where people want to live.  Close to expressways, beautiful countryside and a true small town in a metropolitan area.  Tollgate Village is in an incredible position.  Our neighborhood is comprised of old and young all working together to build an incredible community.  Our amenities are beyond compare.  We have so much going for us.  That results in increasing home values as people target Tollgate as the place they want to live.

I encourage everyone to get outside, walk our friendly sidewalks. Sit in one of the new swings, or rock in a rocking chair at the clubhouse.  Talk to your neighbors. Get to know them. You may be surprised at what each of you have in common.