The Tollgate Action Committee (TAC) represents all the residents of Tollgate Village in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, homeowners and renters alike, who as defined by the bylaws, are automatically members of the association. We affirm our intent to build active consensus, broaden participation, act collectively, capitalize on opportunities, and manage problems.

Tollgate Action Committee Mission

• Promote open discussion of neighborhood issues
• Pursue solutions and actions favored by members
• Serve as a liaison between the developer of Tollgate Village until such time the developer relinquishes control of the Tollgate Homeowners Association to the members.
• Monitor and inform TAC members of private initiatives and public policies significant to Tollgate Village and the town of Thompson’s Station.

Tollgate Action Committee Vision

• Safe, walkable streets
• The development of neighborhood-oriented and neighborhood-friendly businesses and services
• Preserve and promote public and private green spaces as well as the clubhouse, pool and recreational facilities
• Respect, recognize and maintain ethnic, family, socioeconomic and cultural diversity, as well as encourage age diversity among residents
• Managing growth while ensuring livable density, a diversity of architectural styles and a well-maintained neighborhood
• Achieving a sense of community and security by encouraging responsibility, involvement and pride among all residents and owners
• Healthy and active relationships with other neighborhood groups, civic organizations and government agencies
• Continue to organize and support appointments and elections supporting members who in turn continue to ensure town, and county policy and laws approved that represent best interest of Tollgate Village residents
• Build an environment compatible with the above goals

Tollgate Action Committee acknowledges that it is strictly an oversight committee and has no legal or other rights regarding decisions and actions on behalf of Tollgate Village. As stated in the bylaws of Tollgate Village, the developer has the sole right to make decisions on expenditures and other actions concerning Tollgate Village with a 2/3 vote of the board members, which are selected by the developer.

While the developer does not have to relinquish control of the Tollgate Village Homeowners Association until Tollgate Village is 100% complete, the TAC desires the position to be positioned to assume the responsibility of managing the affairs of Tollgate Village when and if this should occur in the future.

In the meantime, the TAC desires to serve as a communications channel between the members and the developer and local and county elected officials to ensure that decisions that affect Tollgate Village are in the best interest of the members.

The Tollgate Action Committee meets the second Saturday of each month at 8:30 AM in the clubhouse. Meeting are open to all members. The TAC will also publish meeting minutes to the email distribution list of members as well as provide updates via social media.