Planning Commission Update – Jan. 23, 2018

By Larry Simmons

Last night TAC presented your feedback on the development of the front of Tollgate Village to the Thompson’s Station Planning Commission. Tollgate residents voted 241 to 12, or 95.2% of voters, to support Regent Homes' development plans for commercial and townhomes in the front of Tollgate. The plan was unanimously approved with nine different contingencies that must be addressed before final approval. The developer and town will work together to address these contingencies.

Dave McGowan of Regent Homes conveyed that Boulevard Restaurant, the anchor tenant, had decided to go elsewhere. He did say that they are now seeking two smaller restaurants, perhaps the size of Tito's in Berry Farms, to replace the 7,000 feet that was reserved for Boulevard. Regents is committed to bringing in quality restaurants plus other businesses to complete the front of Tollgate.

The second item on the agenda was to consider changes to current zoning to accommodate the development of townhomes in this area. Due to the number of changes, the Planning Commission agreed to have a special work session to address these items and ensure that each had adequate consideration. This will be voted on at a later meeting.

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Our elected and appointed officials appreciated the overwhelming show of support for this project. Thanks again to everyone who voted. TAC will continue to keep everyone informed as the project advances.