Welcome to Tollgate Village!  We are excited to have you join our community.  First let us give you some information on Tollgate

Who’s Who in Tollgate

As with any developing neighborhood, it is sometimes confusing to understand how management of the neighborhood occurs.  Tollgate Village is not any different, there are a number of entities involved and the more our residents understand the organization the easier it will be to know who to go to questions.

York Capital (New York/London/Hong Kong)  purchased Tollgate Village when the original developer declared bankruptcy.  They are the current owners of all non-developed land in Tollgate Village – Daniel Gluck – Senior Vice President is the contact with York Capital.

Henry and Wallace – Knoxville, TN – York Capital contracts with Henry and Wallace to manage Tollgate Village both the residential and commercial development areas.  Brian Rowe of Henry Wallace is the representative assigned to Tollgate Village.

Tollgate Village Homeowners Association – As with any new development, the developer maintains the HOA until a certain number of homes are sold, lots developed or some other trigger point generally in the 70% area.  The original Tollgate developer made that trigger point at 100%.  Until the 100% goal is obtained, the developer controls the Tollgate Village HOA.  The HOA is comprised of an executive board which is Brian Rowe, president, Mike Zakrzewski (Director Land Operations/Division Controller of Lennar) is vice president and Brad Wilson – Tollgate resident is the Secretary.  Recently the HOA brought on two new board members Larry Simmons and Luis Parra, the president and VP of the TAC, as board members.

Ghertner and Company – Henry Wallace contracted with Ghertner and Company a Nashville based residential management company to manage the day to day operations of Tollgate Village.  Damon Morris is the Ghertner manager assigned to Tollgate Village.  Association dues, notices and other tasks are managed by Ghertner as well as managing the operations of Tollgate Village.

Tollgate Action Committee – TAC was formed several years ago with the focus of providing residents of Tollgate Village with a voice in both neighborhood issues as well as town issues.   TAC has been successful in getting neighborhood representation in elected positions at the Town of Thompson’s Station and ensuring that Tollgate interests are considered when town matters are discussed.

Additionally, TAC focuses upon building COMMUNITY and helping Tollgate Village become a chosen destination for those seeking to relocate into Williamson County.  With the recent changes in the HOA board, TAC now has a vote in HOA issues.